Read through the steps 1- 6 to understand the whole process of applying for co-operative housing.

Submit an application for co-op housing through the Victorian Housing Register (VHR) using myGov, if you don't already have a current application with the VHR.

Make sure you tick the Co-operative housing option in your VHR application.

There is a direct link to the VHR at Step 6.

The VHR is a central register managed by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). Applications for all types of housing; co-operative, community and public housing is now directed through the Victorian Housing Register (VHR)

Make sure co-op housing is for you

  • Housing co-op members enjoy long-term tenancies, affordable rent and are part of a supportive community
  • Co-op housing requires ongoing commitment as a co-op member, along with the standard responsibilities of a tenant
  • To be eligible for co-op housing you will be required to register your interest on the Victorian Housing Register and attend a Co-operative Housing Information Session.

Opportunities for membership may take several years, the Housing Program typically has 80 to 100 vacancies per year

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Express Interest via the VHR

Choose the Co-op Housing option on your Victorian Housing Register (VHR) application.

If you haven't already done so, make an application for housing on the VHR application, update your record to show that you wish to be considered for co-op housing.

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Attend a co-op housing information session

After you have chosen 'Co-op Housing' option on your VHR application, you will be invited to attend a Co-op Housing Information Session when applicant numbers in the areas you wish to live are low.

At an Information Session you will:

  • learn more about co-operative housing, to know if it suits you
  • be asked to write a statement about what you can contribute to a housing co-op

Remember to keep your contact details up-to-date on the VHR so we can easily contact you.

Co-ops select their members

When co-ops have a vacancy, CEHL sends details of eligible applicants to the Co-op Member Selection Committee.

The Co-op Member Selection Committee interviews referred applicants to find new members who:

  • will play an active role in the running of the co-op
  • are good renters and neighbours
  • share co-op values
  • best meet the selection criteria set by the co-op

Co-ops select the best-suited applicant and offer membership once eligibility and reference checks are completed.

Become a co-op member

If you are selected as the most suited applicant, and your eligibility is confirmed, you will be offered membership of the housing co-operative, and tenancy in a co-op managed home!

Members of your new co-op will welcome you and help you learn skills to be an active member of your co-op.

You will be able to participate in the activities of the co-op, access CEHL's Co-op Resources, training and the CEHL Education Scholarship Program.

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Apply for Co-op Housing through VHR

If co-op housing is right for your, make sure you tick the boxes for both:

  • co-operative housing, and
  • community housing

on your housing application with the Victorian Housing Register (VHR)

If you don't yet have a VHR Housing Application, click on 'APPLY NOW' below and you will be redirected to Victorian Government website Apply for social housing and follow the steps . . .


Your personal details are important

CEHL manages your personal information in accordance with Commonwealth and State privacy legislation. See our Privacy Policy for more details.

CEHL shares the information in your Application and Statement with co-operatives seeking members that match your needs.

Make sure your phone number and email are up-to-date, so if an opportunity comes up, we can contact you as soon as possible