Is Co-Op Housing For You?

  • Housing co-op members enjoy long-term tenancies, affordable rent and are part of a supportive community
  • Co-op housing requires ongoing commitment as a co-op member, along with the standard responsibilities of a renter
  • Please note there is an income and asset eligibility to secure co-op housing.

These are the maximim weekly gross income per household to be eligible

Single2 person3+ person

 The asset limit for all household is $36,340. For more information on eligibility click here

Co-ops Select Their Members

When co-ops have a vacancy, CEHL sends details of eligible applicants to the Co-op for consideration.

The Co-op will consider the applicant list provided and contact potential new members who:

  • will play an active role in the running of the co-op
  • are good renters and neighbours
  • share co-op values

Co-ops select their preferred applicant and offer membership once CEHL confirms eligibility.

Are you interested in learning more?

Interested people will be invited to attend an online Co-op Housing Information Session.

At an Information Session you will:

  • learn more about cooperative housing, to know if it suits you

If you would like to be invited to an information session, or if you have questions please:

Phone 1800 353 669 or


Your enquiry is important to us, please note that due to the volume of interest it can take a little while for us to get in contact with you.

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