Income Eligibility

Eligibility limits are set by the State Government and updated every six months. Below is a summary, for complete details read the Guide to Program Eligibility.

If your household income is within the amounts listed in the table, you are eligible to apply for the co-operative program.

Household Type
Gross Weekly Income

Asset Limit

Single person
up to $1,119
Two person or a couple
with no dependents
up to $1,712
Family (one or two parents)
with up to two dependents
up to $2,309

Please refer to the Income and Asset eligibility document for more information

To estimate your income use the gross amount, that is the amount you receive before tax or other deductions. Include income of all people living in your household such as:

  • Wages including regular allowances such as shift payments in your wages
  • Centrelink payments
  • Veterans’ Affairs payments
  • any income you receive from superannuation or investments

Asset Eligibility

The assets used to assess your eligibility for housing include:

  • money in your bank account
  • shares
  • mobile homes and a business/es you may own

NOTE: Superannuation funds are not included unless you are drawing an income from your fund.

Your are not eligible if you own or part-own a house, flat or unit unless you cannot live in or sell the property (there are a range of reasons why this may be the case), please check with CEHL if this situation applies to you.

Bedroom Eligibility

  • The standard bedroom eligibility is based on one bedroom for each person in the household.
  • A household may request fewer bedrooms then the number of people in the household, provided there are no more then two people sharing a bedroom. For example:
    • A couple who wish to live in a single bedroom property.
    • A household that wishes to have children sharing a room.
  • Where separated parents share custody of children, a child must spend at least 21% of their time with a parent to be entitled to a bedroom under both CEHL guidelines (21% is usually taken as every second weekend and half school holidays).
  • You may be required to provide Centrelink or Family Court documentation as proof of custody at the time of your interview.


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