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Updated 29 April 2022

Maintenance Stimulus Project

We are upgrading quarter of all properties in the Program with works in every region. Find out the latest news in your area

Milestone date: Jan 2021 - June 2022

50% Complete

Updated 10 March 2022

Q & A Forums

For member co-ops and program participants to learn more about Program issues, ask questions and offer new ideas.

Milestone date:

80% Complete

Contact A Committee

Updated 16 February 2022

Co-op Program Committee

The Co-op Program Committee consults with co-ops and advises the CEHL Board about ways to develop the CEHL co-operative housing program and address emerging issues.

Milestone date: March 2022

83% Complete

Updated 29 November 2021

Quarterly Policy Consultation

Consultation closed on 19 November 2021


Updated 21 December 2021


News, information and activities of the Training Advisory Committee



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