About the Event


The How Co-ops Influence Our Program Question & Answer Forum will answer questions and discuss ideas about member influence on the Program.


    The Agenda for the forum will be set by the Co-op Program Committee (made up of appointed co-op members) by reviewing questions submitted via survey sent to co-op secretaries and on Have your Say Q&A Forum page Survey closes midday Monday 28 September 2020.

    Before attending ...

    Participants are advised to read the background fact sheets. Click on the links below or go to Have your Say Q&A Forum page for more details

    1. CEHL Co-operative Housing Program Summary
    2. CEHL Co-operative Housing Program Governance
    3. CEHL Co-operative Housing Program Framework
    4. CEHL Co-operative Housing Program Influence

    Who is participating

    • Co-op nominated spokespersons will be able to participate in the live discussion
    • All other participants can take part, asking questions of clarification using the chat function
    • Board members and relevant senior CEHL employees (Exec and/or Managers) who will respond to the selected questions and take part in the discussion with co-op members
    • Moderated by an independent facilitator

    How to take part

    • via ‘online meeting’ zoom using your computer or phone
    • The zoom link has been sent to Co-op Secretaries and by text message to all program participants

      Contact you Co-op Development Co-ordinator if you need help using Zoom or read the zoom guide.

      After the Q&A

      The Co-op Program Committee will review the Q & A feedback from member co-ops and program participants and use that information to improve the Q&A forum format, over time.

      Feedback from the forums will also give the Co-op Program Committee an understanding of co-ops’ view on Program issues and questions, so they can be considered in future program decisions.