Mar 2019

Melbourne Design Week discussion

If you missed Melbourne Design Week 14-24 you can listen to a panel discussion held as part of the Design Week events involving Cate Grant member of Earth Co-op at Murundaka

How do we build the next generation of affordable housing?

If Melbourne is to continue to be liveable as it grows, there is an increasing urgency to provide affordable housing close to jobs, social networks and transport. This isn’t merely a question of being an equitable city, but also a functioning and productive city. 

There have been a variety of measures put forward by the government, private sector and institutions, but we still fall well below our targets for affordable housing. In this panel discussion, representatives from government, housing associations, the development industry and the design sector will put forward their vision for addressing this urgent and complex issue.


  • Rob McGauran, MGS Architects
  • Kate Breen, Affordable Development Outcomes
  • Kris Daff, Make Ventures x Assemble
  • Cate Grant, Affordable Housing Resident, Murundaka​


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