Aug 2021

Co-op Honour Board Nominations - OPEN

Call for 2021 Honour Board Nominations

The CEHL Board are calling for co-ops to nominate their outstanding leaders to be considered for induction to the 2021 CEHL Honour Board.

The Board recognises that the fundamental foundation of the Program is in the contribution co-op members do every day in the work of their co-op, and the wider Program. This contribution, by thousands of members over 35+ years, has created this unique and successful housing program.

Since 2008 the CEHL Board has acknowledged the outstanding leaders and champions of co-operatives and the wider CEHL Program by adding their names to the CEHL Honour Board.

The 2021 Honour Board inductees will be announced at the CEHL Annual General Meeting to be held on 27 November 2021.

Read more about past Honour Board inductees

Nomination process and timeline

To honour one of your co-op peers we ask that you submit your nomination by 30 September 2021 for consideration by the CEHL Board. 

Nominations can be made for a previous co-op member including those who have passed away.

Use this link to submit your nomination online  

Criteria for nominations

  • - A minimum of five years membership of a CEHL co-operative
  • - Be of good standing within their co-op; considering, but not limited to areas such as fulfilment of all active membership requirements, currency of rent payments and maintenance of their property throughout their membership
  • - Outstanding and sustained contribution to the wider CEHL Program beyond their own co-op; demonstrating their role as a consistently positive and active champion for the CEHL Program and/or co-op sector

Link to Honour Board Criteria


If you need help with submitting a nomination please click here to contact CEHL or call 1800 353 669.