About the Project

2013 Winner - Urban Development Institute - Affordable Development

The community/private housing composition of the project supported the development of an integrated community and enabled CEHL to deliver the units on a cash neutral basis.

CEHL worked with the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) and Summer Foundation to provide appropriate, high-quality housing for people with disabilities while at the same time integrating seamlessly into an otherwise conventional apartment complex.

The six disability dwellings among 59 in total eliminate any sense of an institutional model, yet offer effective economies of scale for a disability support worker to be located on-site 24/7.

Of the 59 apartments

  • 25 are co-operatively managed
  • 6 disability adapted housing with an on-site 24/7 support worker
  • 28 privately owned

Long-term affordability of the social housing units is ensured by CEHL co-operatively managing the tenancies within the development.

Completed 2013.

Gipps St Interior
Gipps Street Interior
Gipps St Bathroom
Gipps Street Interior and bathroom of a standard apartment