Member Selection

Each Co-Op has the legal right to select its own members, in order fort each Co-op to be a community of people sharing values and understanding of each others' needs. Only members of the Co-op can be offered tenancy of a co-op home.

As well as the criteria set by the Co-op and CEHL, applicants must meet the approved income and asset criteria.

All Co-op's must request the CEHL Referral List whenever a vacancy occurs in any of their houses or units.

CEHL will supply a list of names to the Co-op. In most cases, these people will have  attended an information session about how the Co-op Program works and what it takes to be a good member-tenant.

The Co-op's finalised FDP should be used to help guide member selection.

The Co-op should conduct interviews, check references and select the preferred applicant - conferring co-op membership and offering tenancy.

The Co-op advises CEHL who was selected from the referrals so CEHL can update records and advise the Office of Housing if necessary, and provide the Household Information Form and supporting documentation for rent calculation.

The Co-op then organises the new member into the property, and makes sure that they receive all the information and support they need to participate in the Co-op.

Guide to Program Eligibility -May 2017 (430Kb)
Quickguide for Member Selection (101Kb)
New Tenancy Factsheet (61 Kb)
Program Selection Criteria (27Kb)
Applicant Interview Record (257Kb)
Applicant Contact Record (334Kb)
Interview Questions Template (21Kb)

Co-op's should refer to Fact Sheets for further information and guidance.