Co-Op Rules

Each Co-Op has a set of rules. The rules have been approved by the Registrar of Co-Operatives under s18 of the Co-Operatives Act 1996.

More information about the effect, content and use of the rules is covered in Division 5 of the Act, sections 106 - 118.

Sections 111 - 118 of the Act deal with changing the rules.

A basic model of the rules was developed for all co-operatives in the CERC Model. The basic template of rules exists in two formats - for CERC's with Shares and for CERC's without.

The Registrar of Co-operatives holds a set of rules for every co-operative - that copy is the legal rules for any particular co-operative (so in the instance of lost rules or differing sets of rules, the Registrar's copy should be requested and that is the definitive set).


Model Rules with Shares (227Kb)
Model Rules without Shares (221Kb)

Note – these model rules are the basic template of all the CERC’s rules, they will not necessarily be the rules of your CERC.