Rents charged in the CEHL Program are designed to be affordable for tenants on low incomes.

Tenants are charged rent according to their household income – rents are generally set at around 25% of their assessable income, and 100% of any Commonwealth Rent Assistance received. The exact rent system is different for the different co-op models in the CEHL Program.

Rents are usually charged from Sunday to Saturday, being paid fortnightly in advance. Each Co-Op will adopt payment systems that best meet the needs of their tenants, but most will offer facilities such as Centrepay or Automatic Bank Transfers as well as direct payment at a Post Office or Bank.

Rents are the primary source of income for the co-operative and this income is essential to meet maintenance and administration costs.

It is vital that Co-Ops  ensure rents are paid on time, and, in accordance with their policy and procedures, take prompt action whenever rent arrears occur.

Bonds are not charged under the Co-Op Program.

Documents related to rents

2017 Household Information Form CERC (468 Kb)
2017 Household Information Form CMC (456 Kb)
2017 Household Information Form NRAS (371 Kb)
Catch-up Agreement (86 Kb)
2018 CEHL Rent Policy Manual (1838 Kb)
2017-18 CERC Rent Calculator (66 Kb)
2017-18 CMC Rent Calculator (67 Kb)
Centrelink Income Confirmation Consent form (25 Kb)
This is only to be used by CMC's, Vic Wide Tenants and co-ops that use CEHL's Fee for Service Rent Calculations
Centrelink Authorisation Multiple Consent Authority - EVoR (111 Kb)

CERCs should refer to Fact Sheets and PAC Recommended Policies for further information and guidance on many of the issues and decisions likely to present.