Regional Forums

CEHL convenes regional quarterly forums with the co-operative housing community. The forums are an opportunity to share information between CEHL and co-ops and amongst the participants in our housing program.

All members and program participants are invited to attend.

The schedule of dates and venues for the forums is on the CEHL calendar, and reminders are sent to each co-op with a copy of the agenda.

The agenda is consistent across the forums, and includes:

  • Workshops and training with CEHL staff and guest speakers.
  • News from the CEHL Board and wider co-operative sector.
  • Discussion time to, seek opinions and feedback on agenda items and on key program initiatives such as Future Directions and Program Development Project.
  • Updates from CEHL committees and working parties, and a chance to respond to input member feedback to these groups.

Members are invited to propose topics for the agenda email your suggested topics to

Each forum is facilitated by a Co-op Development Co-ordinator for the region, and a representative from the CEHL Management Team. All comments, ideas and feedback is gathered and used to focus program management.

The report below summarises the agenda topics, main points of discussion and CEHL follow up from each quarter.

Regional Forums Member Update - June 2017

Regional Forums Member Update - March 2017

Regional Forums Member Update - December 2016

Regional Forums Member Update- September 2016

Regional Forums Member Update - June 2016

Regional Forums Member Update- March 2016