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23 November 2017

Planning Institute Award

Pictured Mayor Tom Melican of Banyule City Council making presentation to Heidi Lee, CEHL Director and Earth Co-operative member and Murundaka Cohousing Community member, pictured left Scott Walker, Director City Development, Banyule City Council


Banyule shows support for Cohousing Co-operatives

Banyule City Council officially acknowledged receipt of the Planning Institute of Australia, Victorian division 2017 Award for Planning Excellence in the category of: The Hard Won Victory Award for Excellence, awarded to Murundaka Cohousing Community, Common Equity Housing Limited and Banyule City Council at a recent council meeting.

Banyule City Council Mayor Melican presented the award to Heidi Lee, CEHL Director and Earth Co-op member at the Banyule council meeting on Monday 20 November, 2017.

Mayor Melican announced at the meeting that Banyule should have more Cohousing co-operatives.

Banyule City Council have strongly reflected their support for Cohousing communities, having included a definition of Cohousing in their draft Urban Development Framework.

NOTE: The PIA Award submission was sponsored by Banyule City Council.

13 November 2017

Earth Co-operative Wins Top Honours

Earth Co-operative (Murundaka) co-housing community in Heidelberg Heights won the top accolade at the 2017 Planning Institute for Australia Awards for Planning Excellence on Friday 10 November 2017 in the Hard Won Victory category.

CEHL is pleased to have facilitated and developed the first urban cohousing community in Victoria and the largest rental cohousing community in Australia.

CEHL Managing Director Stephen Nash congratulates all members of Earth Co-operative on the PIA award, and their ongoing leadership as an exemplar cohousing co-operative.

"Cohousing is an important model as one of the community housing options that Australia needs to grow to meet the needs of our diverse community."
Planning Institute Award
Established in 2011, Murundaka was specifically designed as a cohousing community with large shared common areas that encourage interaction among the neighbours.

Earth co-op at Murundaka provides low-income rental housing for twenty households (housing up to forty people) ranging in age from infants to 60+ years. Residents live in independent, co-located housing with shared grounds and communal spaces.

Members of the community welcome others to their home to learn more about cohousing as an option for affordable and sustainable living.
Planning Institute Award
CEHL acknowledges and thanks Banyule City Council for their support in the development of Murundaka.

The Victorian Planning Institute of Australia Awards for Planning Excellence recognise quality, innovation and excellence in planning.20 November 2017
Pictured above: Garry Wissenden (Hansen)award sponsor, Scott Walker (Director City Development, Banyule Council), Heidi Lee (Earth Co-op member and CEHL Director), Giselle Wilkinson (Earth Co-op member), Joel Elbourne (Manager, Urban Planning and Building, Banyule Council)

18 September 2017
CEHL Supports Equality

CEHL's Board endorsed CEHL's support of the Equality Campaign.

This position is aligned with all of CEHL's Values as it seeks to address a denial of basic legal rights for some of our employees, their families, Program members, applicants and people in housing need.

CEHL appreciates that there are a diversity of views on this issues and we respect the rights of individuals to hold differing views.

4 September 2017

Thank you to all the people who came along and attended the Active Members, Thriving Co-ops, Influencing our Program Conference in August, it was great to see so many co-ops represented from all over Victoria.

Click the link below for a complete wrap-up of the Conference workshops.
Join in the ongoing discussions regarding:
  • Participation Policy
  • The Victorian Housing Register
  • Rent Model Review
  • Engagement Review

Conference Wrap Up

2017 CEHL Conference Booklet