Membership & Meetings

Each household has one membership, either singly or jointly held, and each membership has one vote at meetings. A joint membership is defined as two adults in a married or de facto relationship.

Active membership is a key component of all Co-Ops, and it is the responsibility of all members to participate in the running of the Co-Op, most often by attending meetings. Due to their higher workload, CERCs usually hold meetings more frequently than CMCs Depending on theĀ  rules, the meetings held each year in a CERC will include:

  • One Annual General Meeting (everyone to attend)
  • Four or more Special General Meetings per year (everyone to attend)
  • Ten or more Directors' Meetings (only Directors are required to attend)
  • Regular sub committee meetings (for relevant sub-committee members)

Most CERC members will join at least one sub-committee each year (although some sub-committees such as Member Selection need only meet when a vacancy arises). Every CERC member needs to be prepared to become a Director at some point in their membership and some small CERCs may choose to make every member a Director.

  • A typical CMC meeting schedule for a year will include:
  • One Annual General Meeting (everyone to attend)
  • Four or less Special General Meetings (everyone to attend)
  • Ten or less Directors' Meetings (only Directors required to attend)

Reports are issued by CEHL Housing Services staff to advise CMCs about tenancy and property work relevant to their Co-Op. CMCs are less likely to operate sub-committees, but may choose to do so for special projects.

How Co-Op meetings are held will depend very much on the personality of each individual Co-Op. Some are very formal with motions through the Chair, others more informal with frequent brainstorming workshops to generate ideas. The timing and location of meetings can also be adjusted to suit the needs of the members attending.

However the meetings are conducted, they form a vital role in the running of the Co-Op and minutes must be kept and distributed to all members. Decisions made at Co-Op meetings need to consider the interests of the Co-Op as a whole.

Meeting Procedures Manual (138 Kb)

CERCs should refer to Policies, Procedures and Fact Sheets for further information and guidance on many of the issues and decisions likely to present.