Direct Management

Housing Services can provide full tenancy and property services to Co-Operatives. These services are primarily provided to larger CEHL Rental Housing Co-Operatives and include:

Tenancy Management Services - including tenancy establishment and wind-up procedures, rent monitoring and arrears management.
Property Maintenance Service - full provision of responsive maintenance and assistance to plan and carry out cyclical maintenance.


CEHL field staff may refer Co-Operatives that have experienced a significant crisis for full tenancy and property management services, while the members participate in a recovery plan. This may be provided for periods of six months to two years, while all divisions participate in a case planning process to monitor the group's progress towards resuming full responsibilities.

Housing Services also offers individual tenancy management. Where a Co-Operative has closed, or an individual's circumstances have changed in a way that makes it impossible for them to continue to participate under a co-operative structure, Housing Services can assume full responsibility for managing the tenancy and property, via its Vic-wide housing service.

This circumstance usually arises through the onset of disability or problems related to ageing, or as result of an irreconcilable dispute not related to a breach of the Residential Tenancies or Co-operative Acts.

Both the tenant and Co-Operative must be agreeable to this intervention, and the loss of the property must not threaten the Co-Operative's financial viability. The goal is to sustain a successful long term tenancy while allowing the co-operative to continue its business. The property will be returned to the Co-Operative (or sold and the proceeds used to add to co-operative stock) once the tenant no longer needs the property.

To find our more, speak to you Co-Op Development Coordinator or contact the Housing Services Manager at CEHL.