Environmental Sustainability

CEHL has made an ongoing commitment to sharing information, resources and tools with housing co-operatives about environmentally sustainability. This commitment fits with the seventh international principle of co-operation, Concern for Community.

As part of this strategic aim, CEHL has created a committee to advise on issues and policies related to the environment, and looking at ways as a program we can reduce our environmental impact and green our work practices.

We'd also love to hear about your Big Green Ideas, from things individual members are doing to Co-Op experiences and initiatives. Email alex@cehl.com.au

1. Environmental Case Profiles
rovides a profile of various co-operatives across the CEHL Program. Each profile is a snapshot of the Co-Op and it's environmental practices and policies, lessons learnt and plans going forward. Be sure to check this out from time to time as we'll be adding news ones in the future.

Phoenix CERC - Solar Panels

2. Sustainability Toolkit
he toolbox will get you stated with useful green ideas and tips toolbox will get you started with green products and services, and green energy options. It shows what we can do as an individual, as a Co-Op and also provides usueful links.

ToolKit 1 What I Can Do
ToolKit 2 What my Co-Op Can Do

3. Fact Sheets
Provides information on green products and services, green energy options and current rebates available to Victorian households.

Solar Panels
Hot Water Systems

Useful Links, Websites & Other Information

Environment Victoria - download a copy of The Victorian Green Renters' Guide www.environmentvictoria.org.au

CERES - engage in environmental sustainable living, save money and eat well! www.ceres.org.au

Green Cleaning - keep your home clean using fewer cleaning products and safer alternatives. All you need is a few basic ingredients and this guide

Sustainable Victoria - encouraging communities to promote environmentally sustainability. Useful information on rebates, grants and funding available.

Living Greener - tips for saving energy and water (and money), reducing waste, recycling and travelling smarter.

City Switch is a high-value no cost service which supports commercial office tenants to improve energy efficiency through the provision of a range of services, with the ultimate aim of achieving a 4 star of higher NABERS rating.

CEHL is committed to minimising its impacts on our environment and maximise the effective use of resources. We are looking at ways we can reduce our environmental impact and green our work practices. CEHL support the City Switch Program and its endeavours to assist organisation to implement, measure, monitor and disseminate excellenct environmental performance both within its operations and to the broader community.