Future Directions Project

The Future Directions Project (FDP) is a process where your co-op develops a 10 year plan regarding your people, properties and finances. CEHL uses information collected through this process to better support the Co-ops across the Program. The aim of this process is that your Co-op and the Program remain healthy into the future.

FDP Updates

December 2016 Update

October 2016 Update

August 2016 Update

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Future Directions Project?

The Future Directions Project (FDP) is the process through which each Co-op identifies its vision for the next 10 years in relation to its members, finances and properties. Planning for the future through the FDP process allows for informed decision making and action to ensure the ongoing viability of Co-ops and the Program.

What is the FDP process?

1. Co-op completes Workbook and submits to CEHL.

2. CEHL develops Draft Co-op Future Directions Plan based on the Workbook and sends to Co-op

3. CEHL and Co-op negotiate a final Co-op Plan.

4. Co-op votes to approve the plan.

Once you submit your completed FDP Workbook, CEHL will endeavour to return a draft Co-op Plan to Co-ops within eight weeks. CEHL will then work together with Co-ops to finalise the Plan until each Co-op has a final plan that has been democratically approved by all members.

What are the benefits of being involved in the FDP?

Having a Co-op Plan will help Co-ops to identify their goals for the future and make better and more informed decisions in order to meet these goals.

Co-op Plans will help CEHL with decision making, inform how CEHL supports Co-ops, and drive a range of Program-wide planning decisions.

How long will a Plan last?

Once finalised, your Co-op Plan will be an ongoing document, which means that your Co-op will always have a 10 year outlook to guide your decisions.

Once the initial rollout of the FDP is complete, CEHL will work with Co-ops to develop a process to support Co-ops to regularly review and refresh their plans on an annual basis.

What if my Co-op doesn't want to be part of the FDP process?

Having a clear plan for your Co-op’s future is essential to involvement in the Program. A Co-op Plan allows each Co-op and CEHL to be sure that actions and decisions are made in the best interest of all parties.

Why is it important for the Co-op Plan to be mutually acceptable between the Co-op and CEHL?

The fundamental Co-op principle of ‘democratic member control’ is essential to the FDP process as the workbook must be democratically approved by all Co-op members before it is accepted by CEHL.

Do all members need to be invloved in developing the Plan?

Your Co-op’s Plan will reflect the goals and aspirations of your Co-op and influence all Co-op decisions. It’s important you have the opportunity to have your say in developing the plan.

Your Co-op will need to agree on how best to develop the Plan so that all members have an opportunity to have a say.

If your Co-op would like assistance with engaging your members, please contact your Co-op Development Co-ordinator.