Financial Services

CEHL provides a range of services that co-operatives may choose to purchase (at a cost-recovery basis) to assist running their business. These services are currently:

1) Bookkeeping Services

Provision of monthly financial records and bank reconciliations, and assistance to produce documents required for reporting purposes by CEHL, Australian Taxation Office etc.

• Tenant's Rent Cards
• Monthly Rental Report
• Treasurers Report
• Expenditure Listing
• Bank Reconciliation Report
• Financial information for Business Activity Statement (at the end of each           quarter)

Cash Payments Journal (30Kb)
Change of Tenancy Details sheet (27Kb)

A Co-Operative Director needs to be appointed to liaise with the Housing Services team, provide information about payments made, tenants moving in and out and investigate any deposits which cannot be identified.

2) Rent Calculation Service

Provision of independent assessment of a tenant's income in order to calculate rent due. The Rent Calculation service can be used for new tenants moving into a Co-Op property, or at any time that a tenant's income changes or a regular review is required. This is particularly useful if a tenant has fluctuating income.

Co-Ops are welcome to choose any combination of services to meet their business needs.

For further information or to purchase this service please discuss your needs with your Co-Op Support Coordinator, or contact the Housing Services Manager at CEHL.