Organisation Structure


Financial Services
Responsible for oversight and management of CEHL's financial functions including accounts payable and receivable, treasury management, budget preparation and financial accounts reporting and supporting Co-ops with their finance and compliance responsibilities by providing financial services including bookkeeping, rent calculations, NRAS eligibility, the Annual Rent Review and preparation of annual accounts for audit.

Real Estate Services
This team manages the acquisition, development, re-development and disposal of properties to meet program need. The team also analyses new affordable housing opportunities and solutions.

Human Resources
Provides human resource management, the delivery of organisational policies and procedures.

Administration and Compliance
Provides administrative support to all teams and the Board of CEHL. The Administration Team are responsible for reporting to the Housing Registrar and also provide support to external stakeholders (directing callers to the appropriate services, providing lists of prospective members to co-operatives with vacancies, progressing property transactions, to name a few).


Co-op Development and Strategy
The Co-op Development and Strategy team has a dual role in providing advice to co-operatives to enable them to manage their operations, and working with co-operatives and regions to develop and implement plans for the future. The team has expertise in training applicants, and coaching and mentoring co-operative members to undertake the range of roles necessary for the efficient management of their housing. Co-op Development Co-ordinators organise and/or attend and inform regional meetings, and are available to attend co-operative meetings for particular issues relating to co-operative business.

Asset Management
Monitors asset performance through inspections, plans and coordinates major renewal works (Third Schedule), provides maintenance services to Community Managed Co-ops, and provides maintenance training and support to Co-ops.

Housing Services

Provides full tenancy management and property services to Community Managed Co-ops; to CERC's experiencing times of crisis and while they undergo restructuring or re-training; or for individual properties where the changes to a tenant's circumstances make it impossible for them to contribute within a co-operative structure.

Program Development
The Program Development Team will lead the development of a sustainable framework for the CEHL co‐op housing Program. Guided by the Program Principles, the team will work with co‐ops to establish a shared understanding of the Program and the roles and responsibilities of co‐ops and CEHL within it. The team also has responsibility for the priority policy review work coming out of the Program Development Project, oversight of the Future Directions Project and supporting the Policy Advisory Committee in the development of Program Policies.

Organisational Chart