Co-Op Models

CEHL delivers two main models of co-operative housing, both of which aim to provide successful outcomes for their members. Both types of co-operative are not for profit community housing programs which provide affordable and secure housing for lower income households and individuals.

CERC Model

A Common Equity Rental Housing Cooperative (CERC) is an independent voluntary organisation that provides a supportive environment for its members. In the CERC model, the housing is managed by the Co-Operative, and members undertake significant responsibilities for carrying out of all tasks associated with running a housing cooperative, including:

  • financial administration
  • collecting rent
  • arranging house maintenance
  • selecting new members
  • keeping all associated records

All members assist with these day to day tasks, and benefit through reduced costs, local control and self management, and opportunities to develop skills. Continued tenancy of a CERC home may depend on the tenant member's continued participation in CERC activities.

All properties in the CERC Program are owned by CEHL. CEHL provides asset management including property upgrades, training and resourcing of the co-operatives, negotiating and servicing of loans, and is responsible for program administration, including ensuring program directives are met, and reporting to government.

Community Managed Co-operative Model

In the Community Managed Co-operative (CMC) Program the properties are owned and managed by CEHL. While these co-operatives do not act as landlords, they still have considerable say in day to day issues including prioritisation of maintenance, and are responsible for tenant selection. This co-op model provides opportunities for a medium level of participation in the running of the housing, with resulting high levels of satisfaction and a genuine sense of empowerment for member tenants.

Co-ops in this model have a different rent structure which reflects the differing for members.

CEHL Co-Op Housing Program Booklet

Other Co-Operative Housing in Victoria

Rental Housing Co-Op

The Rental Housing Co-operative (RHC) Program is independent of CEHL and based on a different co-operative model to the CEHL Program. RHCs head lease their properties from the Director of Housing, and tenancy management and maintenance is carried out by a paid worker under the direction of the Co-ops Board of Directors. RHCs also have a different rent structure.