Co-Op Resource Centre

The aim of the Co-Op Resource Centre is to provide information on the many aspects of running and managing a housing co-operative. Much of the information will be relevant to all co-operative models, but some is specific to the Common Equity Rental Housing Co-Operative (CERC) Program or to Community Managed Co-operatives.

Co-Op Operations Checklist

CEHL Glossary

Frequently Asked Questions

A number of common questions have emerged from co-ops and members through regional forums, training sessions, the conference and other engagement activities. The below documents provide responses to these Frequently Asked Questions in relation to four areas - the Program, People, Properties and CEHL Processes. These documents will continue to be updated as new questions emerge.

FAQ Sheet - Program

FAQ Sheet - People

FAQ Sheet - Properties

FAQ Sheet - CEHL Processes

Compliance and legislative requirements

CEHL Housing Program complies with and reports on performance standards and other legislative requirements set out in the Housing Act 1983 (the Act).

All registered agencies must comply with performance standards and other legislative requirements, as well as demonstrate skills, expertise and resources to manage a viable social housing business.

Performance standards cover seven key areas

  • Tenant and housing services
  • Housing assets
  • Governance
  • Community engagement
  • Probity
  • Management
  • Financial viability





For more information about performance standards

Housing Registrar Performance Standards

Role and function of the Housing Registrar

The Housing Registrar is the government body responsible for regulating non-government rental housing agencies.  Registered housing agencies are not-for-profit organisations that provide affordable rental housing for low income households.  They are registered under the Housing Act 1983 (the Act) as either housing associations or housing providers.

Link to Housing Registrar

Link to Housing Registrar Compliance and Reporting