All Co-op Memos

2017 Memos
001-2017- CEHL Information Management System
002-2017- Interruption to Arrears Statements July 2017
003-2017- Further Interruptions to Arrears Statements July 2017
004-2017- Honour Board Nominations and Form 2017
005-2017- Nomination for the position of Director
006 - All CMC and VICWIDE Memo - Attachment - Work Categories and Timeframes
006 - All CMC and VICWIDE Memo - 2017 Maintenance Contact Information for Christmas closure

2016 Memos
001-2016- Changes to Program Policy Development and the role of the PAC
002-2016- Director Change of Details
003-2016- Property Insurance Claims
004-2016- Changes in Australia Post delivery times for notices
005-2016- Honour Board Nominations
006-2016- New Manager Appointment
007-2016- Future Directions Project Update
008-2016- Nominations for the position of Director CEHL
009-2016- CDS Staff Changes and Co-op Service Agreements
010-2016- Future Directions Project Update
011-2016- Change to Member Selection reporting
012-2016- Director Change of Details
2015 Memos
001-2015- TV Antennas
002-2015- Director Change of Details
003-2015- Future Directions Project
004-2015- Quarterly Financial Reports
005-2015- Strategic Leasing Policy
006-2015- Temporary Arrangements for CEHL Property Officers
007-2015- CCA Performance Review
008- 2015 PAC Policy - Recovering Debts
009-2015-Loddon Mallee Region update
010-2015- Preparation of Financial Reports for Audit
011-2015- 2015 Honour Board Nominations
012- 2015- 2015 Nominations for Director Position
013- 2015- Maintenance Services Team
014- 2015- Referral to Support Agencies
015- 2015- Interim Stop to Eviction from Cancellation of Membership
016- 2015- Asset Team Update
2014 Memos
001-2014-Director Change of Details
002-2014-Organisational Structural Changes at CEHL
004-2014-Circuit 2015
005- 2014- Policy Development
006- 2014- CERC Preperation of 2014 Financial Reports for Audit
007- 2014- CMC Preperation of 2014 Financial Reports for Audit
008- 2014- 2014 Honour Board Nominations
009- 2014- 2014 Acting Asset Manager
010-2014- 2014 Director Nominations
011-2014- Property Insurance Claims Process
011-2014- Property Insurance Claim Form
012-2014- PAC Policy Participation and Engagement
013- 2014- Review of the CEHL/Co-op Agreement (CCA)
2014 CERC Rescource Book
2014 CERC Feedback Sheet
2014 CMC Resource Book
2014 CMC Feedback Sheet
2013 Memos
001-2013-New Program Directives Advocacy Document
002-2013-Regional Associations
003-2013-Annual Household Information process
004-2013-Annual Rent Review Increase
005-2013-Co-op Survey
006-2013-Co-op Target Groups
007-2013-PAC Policy -Privacy
008-2013-Co-op Survey reminder
009-2013-New Edition CERC Quickguides
009-2013-New Edition CMC Quickguides
010-2013-PAC Policy-Leave of Absence
011-2013-Honour Board Nominations
013-2013-Director Nominations
014-2013-Insurance Arrangements
015-2013-PAC Policy-Bullying and Harassment
016-2013- Changes to Applicant Information Sessions
2012 Memos
001-2012-Annual Rent Assessment
002-012-New PAC Policy Memo
003-012-Planned Maintenance Program and Budget
004-012-Trade Alliances with CEHL
005-012-Review of Program Directives
006-012-PAC Policy Member reimbursement
007-012-Changes to the recruitment and induction of new members
008-012-CIRCUIT 2013
009-012-End of Year Reporting
010-012-Restirictions on who may be appointed a Board Member
011-012-Honour Board Nominations
012-012-PAC Policy When Couples Separate
013-012-Director Nominations
014-12-Maintenance Expenditure Spreadsheet
015-12-Circuit User Manual
121026-Notice of CEHL AGM
016-12-CERC Annual Analysis
017-12-PAC Policy updates
018-12-Co-op Contact Detail Confirmation
2011 Memos


111028-Notice of AGM
010-2011-Smoke Alarms & Battery Replacement
009-2011-Recommended PAC Policies
008-2011-Important Notice to Maintenance Officer
007-2011-Working Party Invitation
006-2011-Director Nominations
005-2011-Tenant Selection Update
004-2011-Honour Board Nomination
003-2011-Insurance Under Owners Corp
002-2011-PAC Policy Memo
001-2011-Questions re: Tenant Selection System
Tenant Selection FAQ's
2010 Memos


012-2010-PAC Nominations
011-2010-Directives Working Party Nominations
010-2010-Co-op Change of Details
101103-Notice of AGM
009-2010-Changes to Quarterly Reporting
008-2010-Taking Rent Arrears to VCAT


007-2010-Honour Board Nomination
007-2010-Honour Board Nomination Form
006-PAC Policy Cover Memo
005-2010-Director Nominations
004-2010-Pre Audit Service & Annual Reports
004-2010-Pre Audit Service & Annual Reports-Attachment 1
004-2010-Pre Audit Service & Annual Reports-Attachment 2