CEHL is an enabler: We partner with member cooperatives to deliver an effective, sustainable cooperative housing program.


Empowered people.
Strong communities.
Better housing solutions.

Our Values

We Care For One Another
We treat everyone with care and value their contribution. We build trust and understanding through open and honest interaction with our team members, stakeholders and associates.

We Are Responsible
We take pride in what we do, we are responsible for our actions. We make and support business decisions through informed experience and good judgment.

We Work Together
We work together to achieve a positive impact in our community. We share perspectives, concerns and information to create considered solutions in the work we do.

We Make A Difference
Our history informs our future, we learn and adapt. We believe that meaningful change comes from looking at challenges and opportunities from new angles.

Program Principles

Affordability and Financial Sustainability
Our program should facilitate affordable living for all program participants. Our program’s financial structure and operations should ensure ongoing viability of co-operatives and CEHL.

Changing Needs
Our program will be flexible in order to accommodate the changing needs of tenant members, co-ops and the community and to ensure ongoing viability.

Member Support and Development
All tenant members should have access to appropriate information, support and training in order to be able to meet program requirements.

Co-operatives need everyone to share activities and democratic decision-making to ensure that they meet all their responsibilities and keep operating. Co-operatives will provide opportunities and encouragement for all members to participate according to individual capacity and capabilities.

Quality of Housing
Properties managed by our program will offer safe, secure housing that is well-maintained to a consistent quality.

The primary goal of our program is to offer safe, secure, long-term tenure with tenant members offered housing choices that are appropriate to their needs and requirements.

Working Together
Co-operatives and CEHL will reflect co-operative values in all aspects of their operation, with all interactions conducted in a respectful and collaborative manner. The program will foster a sense of program ownership amongst its participants, who will be offered genuine opportunities to influence program development and governance.

Program Principals

Program Principals- Summary Version

International Principles for Housing Co-operatives

Our member co-ops are part of a Cooperative movement extending across the globe and encompassing all sectors of economy. The Co-operative movement has a strong history that has established shared values and a set of international principles which all Co-ops use as guidelines to put their values into practice. Those principles are:

Voluntary and Open Membership
Membership in a housing co‑op is open to all who can use the co‑op’s services and accept the responsibilities of being a member, without discrimination.

Democratic Member Control
Housing co‑ops are controlled by their members. Each member has one vote. Housing co‑ops give members the information they need to make good decisions and take part in the life of the co-op.

Members’ Economic Participation
Members contribute financially to the co‑op and share in the benefits of membership. The co‑op does not pay a return on the members’ shares or deposits. Instead it sets aside reserves for the future and charges the members only what it needs to operate soundly.

Autonomy and Independence
Housing co‑ops are independent associations. They follow the laws that apply to them and their agreements with governments or other organisations. But the members control the co‑op.

Education, Training and Information
Housing co‑ops offer education and training to the members, directors and staff so that everyone can play a full role in the life of the co‑op. Housing co‑ops find ways to tell the public what they are and what they do.

Co‑operation among Co‑operatives
By organising together in federations, housing co‑ops grow stronger and help to build a healthy co-op movement. Where they can, housing co‑ops use the services of co‑op businesses to meet their needs.

Concern for Community
Housing co‑ops work to build strong communities inside and outside the co‑op. They help to improve the quality of life for others and they take care to protect the environment.

Adapted from: Getting our Co-operative Principals Right. The Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada.


CEHL Strategic Plan 2020


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