Project Overview

The CEHL Board has receiveda formal offer from DHHS for CEHL to opt in to VHR . DHHS has also acknowledged that, due to previous funding agreements, only a small proportion of CEHL properties are appropriate for targetting to people with higher needs. This would mean that only 3.73% of vacancies would need to be offered to people eligible for priority housing.

After considering the offer the Board determined that:

  • The requirement to offer 3.73% of vacancies to priority applicants is far less than the number of vacancies already offered by CEHL co-ops.
  • There are new opportunities available to agencies who opt in toVHR which may help us to meet co-op FDP plans and offer more support options for co-op members.
  • Apart from some administrative changes that are unlikely to affect co-ops, opting in to the VHR would meet all considerations Program participants have previously set. (See the full set of considerations and findings in the Documents section of this page).
  • The extra resources required for administration will also allow CEHL to make other improvements requested by program participants.
  • CEHL can review our experience of VHR in future and opt out of VHR without penalty if needed.

The CEHL Board has made an “in principle” resolution to opt in to VHR provided that all program participants are offered an opportunity to identify any further considerations that should be investigated before a final decision to opt in.

If the final decision is to opt in to VHR a formal review of the VHR experience will be conducted after 12 months, seeking feedback from all co-ops who have had vacancies in that year. All existing systems will be maintained in order that they can be resumed if CEHL should decide to opt out after the 12 month review.

Survey question

Please read the VHR Considerations document in the Documents section.

What else should the CEHL Board consider before making a final decision whether to join the VHR?