Project Overview

The Member Portal Project is creating a 'members only' area of the CEHL website that will give access to:

  • Co-op resources
  • Information relevant to your type of co-op or tenancy
  • View and update your personal household information
  • Register for events / forums / workshops
  • Access member forums on a secure site so co-ops can share ideas and feedback on policies / projects and program development topics. A new and improved Have your say webpage

Who can access the portal?

The Primary Tenant of each household in the Program can access the portal, that includes; co-op members and direct tenants. People on the Expression of Interest list and Applicants will be able to view information relevant for their stage in the Program.

  • Co-op members
  • Direct tenants
  • Applicants (access to personal details, co-op resources and newsletters)
  • Expression of Interest (access to personal details and newsletters)

The next phase of setting up portal pages co-ops can manage will start late 2019 - ON HOLD

We're giving a final 5-day countdown until co-op resources is only available via the portal. Set-up your login TODAY!

The sending of invitations will be phased over the week.

Co-op champions meet online to find out more about their role, the project and contribute to the type of information they need to help their fellow co-op members to use the portal. NOTE: Training will take place in the week beginning the 24th of September, exact date and time to be confirmed with Co-op Champions.

Co-op champions Send in a list of co-op members email contacts updated.

Online Training for Co-op Champions

Co-ops send in details of their Member Portal Co-op Champion