Co-ops are run by members, for members

A housing co-operative is a community of people who work together to meet their housing needs.

Co-op members share activities in the management and running of their co-op, with opportunities for all members to participate in the co-op, according to their capacity and ability.

Housing Co-operatives

Co-op member stories

Co-op Profiles

Find out about the culture, size and regions where co-ops in our Housing Program are located.

Co-op Profiles

Co-op models

CEHL partners with independent member co-operatives.

There are two main models in the CEHL Housing Program, Common Equity Housing Co-operatives (CERC) and Community Managed Co-operatives (CMC)

Find out more about the co-op models . . .

Co-op Models

Is co-op housing for me?

Are you looking for . . .

  • secure, long term tenancy
  • being actively involved in the management of your housing and having a say in the CEHL Housing Program
  • access to training for co-op roles and an education scholarship program
  • affordable rent

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