Oct 2021

'We' promotes wellness

Mikoto. Photo by Chris Grose, Merri Co-op

Mikoto, Earth Co-op member
living at Murundaka Cohousing Community

Since my son has moved out, I am finding living on my own quite lonely, but I have a close community here. I am a Japanese interpreter by trade, but with the pandemic there is no face-to-face interpreting work. 

I am very lucky I have some translation work I can do from home, although it can be stressful working on the screen with tight deadlines.  I am also a zero-waste community cook and permaculturalist, and have been very busy since the start of the lockdown(s) shopping and cooking over 200 healthy vegetarian meals for the people in our co-op.  My supermarket is our garden.  

I love cooking using fresh seasonal produce.

In a changing world of climate change, unemployment, mental health, being part of co-op makes us more resilient by taking care of the place, nature and each other.

Being a member of Earth Co-op has meant ... I can find everything I need hear, a sense of belonging, connection with our community, sharing beautiful space, meaningful activities, for example, growing our own food, cooking from scratch, sharing the produce and composting.

During the pandemic, we learned that 'We' promotes 'wellness' but thinking only about 'I' is not healthy.

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