TAC invites all co-op members to consider being part of the Training Advisory Committee:

ROLE: Regional member representative on Training Advisory Committee (TAC)

REQUIREMENTS: Attend quarterly meetings, Forums and Training. Engage in TAC communications

SUPPORT: TAC Representatives receive an annual fee in addition to travel expenses; are provided lunch at TAC meetings; and are offered support by CEHL to develop into the role.

LOCATION: CEHL office, attendance at Regional Forums and Training sessions delivered by CEHL


This opportunity has become available with a number of vacancies occurring in the committee.

The successful co-op members will work collaboratively as part of the advisory committee to:

  • Provide insight and advice to CEHL on the learning and training needs of co-op members
  • Provide feedback and suggestions to CEHL on the planning and delivery of training
  • Report to and seek input regarding training from co-op members via regional forums
  • Be part of a group passionate about training and education for co-op members.

For more information about the responsibilities of the role or details on the annual reimbursement for TAC members, please contact Heather on 92080800 or email at training@cehl.com.au .


To submit an expression of interest for being part of TAC, please respond to the questions below.

Please email your response to training@cehl.com.au by March 17th 2019

1. Please provide your contact details





2. What interests you in being an enthusiastic member of the Training Advisory Committee?

3. Do you have any plans that may impact your ability to contribute to a quarterly committee meeting at the CEHL Richmond office, regional forums and training and communicating regularly with other TAC members? If so, how would you propose to manage this?

Please give an example of how you work in a team environment.

4. Is there anything else you wish to say or ask about your interest in this opportunity?