Mar 2020

Requesting rent re-assessment

CEHL is aware, the uncertainty in the community COVID-19 (Coronavirus) may be causing concern for households regarding their rent. CEHL reassures all people in the CEHL Housing Program of your security of tenure. One of the main goals of the Program is to offer safe, secure, long-term tenancies. (See CEHL Program Principles)

If your income changes or fluctuates by more than $50 gross per week, you can request a new rent assessment, and your rent will be reviewed and adjusted accordingly, giving security and certainty in times of change.

All households in the Program were recently informed about how to request a new rent assessment.  

You can submit a new rent assessment through one of the following ways:

  1. Your Co-op Rent Officer
  2. The Member Portal
  3. email a completed Household Information Form to with the subject heading Immediate calculation required
  4. By post

For more information see The Household Rent - How to Guide

If submitting to your Co-op Rent Officer or the CEHL via email or post download the Household Information Form

If you need support during this time, contact CEHL Referral to Support Services, for help with a range of services.  

Call 0400 409 655 or email