Sep 2019

Co-operatively Speaking Newsletter September 2019

Our Spring edition of Co-operatively Speaking is full of great stories, tips and resources for all people in the CEHL Housing Program

  • Mike Tobin, Ithaca Co-op member's role in the moon mission 
  • Have you considered being CEHL Board Director - find out more pg 3
  • Learn more about the Voice of Gippsland pg 16
  • Double page spread on the Rent model and it's impacts across the Program pg 14-15
  • Find out about the Company Rent and Affordability Benchmark pg 16
  • Read Norma's top 5 tips for policy feedback pg 19
  • Are you prepared for bushfire, read the Bushfire Prepared Checklist pg 20
  • Victorian in Bloom - get your gardening gloves on it's on again this year pg 6
  • Find out who are the Australian Co-operative Housing Alliance and what they do pg 10

As always, and a whole lot more ...