Feb 2019

Engagement Survey results

Engagement Survey results

Here are the results of our 2018 survey about what co‐ops think would strengthen the

partnership between CEHL and co-ops. Over 80% of co-ops responded. Thank you for being involved.

Click here for Survey Results

UPDATE 14 June 2018:

In the Chairperson's Report at the 2017 CEHL AGM, Karren Walker highlighted the importance of ensuring member co-ops are provided with effective opportunities to shape Program direction. Engagement opportunities are fundamental to having a truly co-op led Program.

Recent feedback has indicated that some co-ops do not find current Program engagement opportunities effective or accessible. Furthermore, it is unclear how co-ops who do not take part in engagement opportunities view the current approach to Program engagement.

Against this backdrop, the Board has initiated a project that will involve discussions with each co-op across 2018 to build a deep understanding of the current approach to Program engagement and recommend to the Board a range of new engagement mechanisms that respond to the feedback received and that are also deliverable and cost-effective.

To ensure that the process is accessible for co-ops, and for resourcing purposes, the project will be led by an independent consultant. An Expression of Interest for the project is currently underway and it is anticipated that a preferred consultant will be identified by early April 2018.

Once the consultant is in place, they will make contact with each co-op seeking their views on how best feedback from the co-op can be obtained.

Please watch this space for further updates.