Feb 2019

Co-op Champion Training First Round COMPLETE!

47 co-op's already have their Co-op Champions!

Co-op Champion Training Stage 1 COMPLETE

Just over half of the Co-op Champions completed the online training. We met in a 'virtual' meeting room using the software Zoom at various times of the day and evening (7 sessions held in total from 24 September to 4 October).

The training covered:

  • Information about the portal, why we are creating, and the benefits
  • Co-op Champion tasks and timeline
  • Demonstration of the portal
  • Input from the Co-op Champions about what resources they need, to help co-op members to get online and use the portal

Another session will be held in late January / February regarding how to complete the Household Information Form online.

In the meantime, Co-op Champions are getting on with collecting email addresses in their co-op as we move into countdown to going Live with the portal on the 15 November.