Aug 2018

Co-operatively Speaking Newsletter August 2018

Issue 3 of Co-operatively Speaking features

  • A wrap up of the Annual Conference - Achieving a Co-op Led Program.
  • Find out about the new Referral Service offered by CEHL in partnership with Launch Housing to link members of our housing program to support services that can help them to maintain their housing or co-op membership.
  • Check out the 'visualisation of the Co-op Housing Program' on pages 6 and 7 being used as part of the Program Engagement Review.
  • Find out what co-ops in Gippsland and the South Western region of Victoria are up to.
  • and why Anette from Eyrie Co-op is so happy!

PLUS ...

Project updates regarding

  • The Rent Model Review
  • Member Portal

and energy $$$aving tips, regular articles and calendar of upcoming events.