Feb 2021

RTA changes to take effect

31 May 2021 UPDATE - Link to updated documents and resources for co-ops

29 March 2021

  • As of today 29 March 2021 the new Residential Tenancies Act regulations are effective
  • Common Equity Rental Housing Co-ops - CERCs please watch the Changes to Tenancy Laws Essentials video
  • CERCs contact your Co-op Development Coordinator if you have an upcoming vacancy
  • Please pardon our progress, as we put all updated documents on the website in the coming week

The start date of the Residential Tenancies Amendment Act 2018 (RTA) delayed due to COVID-19 will take effect from 29 March 2021.

CEHL has been preparing co-ops for the reforms since first announced and held online training last year outlining the impact of the changed laws on co-ops.
Watch the Changes to RTA – the impact on co-ops videos.

The mandatory changes include, but are not limited to:-

  • All new tenancies from 29 March 2021 need to be compliant with new law – contact your Co-op Development Coordinator (CDC) for advice
  • Landlords will be referred to as Rental Providers
  • Tenants will be called Renters
  • Rental Providers must carry out a property condition report at the start of a tenancy, provide copy of the report to the Renter. Photos of the property condition must be taken and kept on record
  • New minimum property standards must be met
  • All safety checks must be made and recorded eg: gas, electrical, smoke detector checks
  • Mandatory disclosures to be made to Renters at start of tenancy

CEHL is providing further training in March and developing resources which will include
- Checklists
- New rental agreement and other required documents to enable co-ops to fulfill their obligations

Co-ops are encouraged to contact your CDC or the Property Support Team for advice.

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