Rent charged in the CEHL Housing Program is designed to be affordable for tenants on low incomes.

Rent is calculated according to the CEHL Rent Assessment Policy and in line with the standards set by the Housing Registrar

There are three rent categories:

  • Rent category How rent is calculated

    by assuming the household is receiving the minimum income a household

    of that composition would receive from Centrelink. It is the lowest rent that

    is charged unless an exemption is granted.


    by calculating a % of household income of all members of the household

    including any applicable Commonwealth Rent Assistance (CRA)

    Maximum by property size (number of bedrooms) and zone

Bond is not charged in the Co-operative Housing Program

How much rent can I expect to pay?

Rent is based on the number of people in your household, the total household income, type of co-op model, and zone. With so many variables it's difficult to provide an overview.

See the CEHL Rent Assessment Policy for tables of minimum and maximum rents for the different co-op models and detail on rent calculation.