The Program Principles describe the important features of the CEHL Housing Program that must be considered by the CEHL Board and co-op members when making decisions about the Program. They were developed in consultation with the whole membership of the housing program.

Affordability and Financial Sustainability

Our program should facilitate affordable living for all program participants. Our program’s financial structure and operations should ensure ongoing viability of co-operatives and CEHL.

Changing Needs

Our program will be flexible in order to accommodate the changing needs of tenant members, co-ops and the community and to ensure ongoing viability.

Member Support and Development

All tenant members should have access to appropriate information, support and training in order to be able to meet program requirements.


Co-operatives need everyone to share activities and democratic decision-making to ensure that they meet all their responsibilities and keep operating. Co-operatives will provide opportunities and encouragement for all members to participate according to individual capacity and capabilities.

Quality of Housing

Properties managed by our program will offer safe, secure housing that is well-maintained to a consistent quality.


The primary goal of our program is to offer safe, secure, long-term tenure with tenant members offered housing choices that are appropriate to their needs and requirements.

Working Together

Co-operatives and CEHL will reflect co-operative values in all aspects of their operation, with all interactions conducted in a respectful and collaborative manner. The program will foster a sense of program ownership amongst its participants, who will be offered genuine opportunities to influence program development and governance.