Jun 2019

Ithaca Co-op member's role in first moon landing

PICTURE: Darren Howe, Bendigo Advertiser

Michael (Mike) Tobin, Ithaca Co-op member, was part of the crew in Australia relaying signals from the astronauts to NASA's American base when the historic landing on the moon took place 50 years ago (this July).

Bendigo Advertiser journalist, Tom O'Callaghan recently interviewed Mike about his experience as part of the first moon landing team Read more..

Mike's technical communication skills that started more than 50 years ago, has led to a life-long career and passion for radio telecommunications and community broadcasting.  Those skills and passion were recently acknowledged with a Lifetime Technical Contribution to the Sector award by Technorama, an organisation that supports technologists and the Australian Community Media sector.

Mike and partner Heidi, Ithaca Co-op members, have not only been very active in community broadcasting, but also, in the co-op housing sector, contributing time, ideas and energy to their co-op, the region, and the CEHL Housing Program.