What is a co-operative?

A co-operative is a democratic organisation, owned and controlled by its members for a common benefit for it's members.

Co-operatives are part of world-wide network in all sectors of the economy including banking, health care, farming, car and sporting clubs, housing and much more. Read more about the International Co-operative Alliance

Housing Co-ops

CEHL works in partnership with member co-operatives to provide the housing program. CEHL and member co-ops are accountable to each other for the roles they perform.

Housing co-operatives in the CEHL Housing Program are:

  • Independent organisations, set up to meet the housing needs of their members
  • Open to people who meet the eligibility requirements and are willing to accept the responsibilities of membership
  • Operated and managed in accordance with ;
    • International Principles for Housing Co-operatives
    • CEHL Program Principles and Program Policies
    • Laws that govern co-operatives, the Residential Tenancy Act and Performance Standards set by the Housing Registrar

Co-ops in the Program are required to meet relevant regulatory standards. CEHL manages regulatory compliance for all co-ops within the Program, read more about the Management of Co-ops

About co-op members

Collectively co-op members plan for their housing needs and influence the future of the CEHL Housing Program. Co-op members:

  • Participate in co-op decisions by taking part in meetings
  • Supported to develop knowledge and skills to be an active member of their co-op
  • Manage tenancies and maintenance of their housing
    • NOTE: in the Common Equity Rental Housing co-ops CERCs model only. In Community Managed Co-operatives CMCs, CEHL carries out these functions

CEHL provides resources, offers training and can give professional advice, where needed to assist co-op directors in their governance responsibilities. Learn more about CO-OP MANAGEMENT AND GOVERNANCE.

How do I apply and am I eligible?

Learn more about how to apply to become a co-op member, and see if you meet the housing eligibility requirements.

How to Apply Eligibility