Jul 2020

Australia research grant to investigate benefits of co-op housing

Australian Co-operative Housing Alliance (ACHA) is pleased to announce a new research study analysing the benefits of Australian housing co-operatives. By demonstrating the value created by co-operative forms of housing, the research will assist the sector to move more Australians into secure and affordable homes.

Western Sydney University research team is undertaking the research, led by Associate Professor Louise Crabtree.

The research is funded by the Australian Research Council (ARC), with partner contributions from Western Sydney University and organisations that form the Australian Co-operative Housing Alliance (ACHA), see below for details.

“The research team will work with the Australian Cooperative Housing Alliance (ACHA) to support the development of stable and affordable homes that benefit not only residents, but also wider society”, explains Associate Professor Crabtree.

“Throughout the world, housing cooperatives have been associated with a range of benefits for residents due to their focus on community involvement, better quality housing, greater social networks, sense of belonging, and improved employment and education outcomes,” lead researcher Louise Crabtree explained

“While there has been research into the benefits of housing co-ops in Europe, Canada and North America, this will be the first comprehensive research of its kind in Australia. ”

“It has come at a crucial time, in the midst of a homelessness crisis and a pandemic. It is vital that our housing system meets the needs of all Australians.”

“This research will help reveal the tangible benefits that members of housing co-operatives and the broader community experience.” said Stephen Nash, Managing Director of Common Equity Housing Limited

“We are confident that the research will prove that the co-operative housing sector provides better outcomes for families and individuals through community engagement and a sense of connectedness and must be part of future growth in affordable housing provision” Peter Sibly, General Manager, United Housing Co-operative Ltd

Housing co-operatives are a highly successful form of housing, empowering individuals and generating benefits for its members and community. Watch What do you know about co-ops?

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