Project Overview

On 1 May 2019 the CEHL Board confirmed to opt-in to the Victorian Housing Register (VHR).

The VHR is a central database, administered by the Victorian state government where all eligible people can apply for both government and community housing.

By opting in to VHR, co-ops will be able to access a larger number of potential applicants, CEHL can access funding to help grow co-op housing and help co-ops achieve their Future Direction goals.

This decision was confirmed after consultation with co-ops and detailed consideration of the impact VHR may have on co-ops and the Program.

The Victorian Housing Register can work with our current referral processes and our Program already houses more than the number of priority applicants VHR requires, so co-ops can continue to use their current selection criteria to choose future members.

The transition to using the VHR will happen gradually over the next six months. After twelve months of VHR implementation, a review will be undertaken by CEHL and co-ops.

Update sent to co-ops

Closing date for applicant responses

Conversations will be held with special interest co-ops.

Letters sent to existing applicants