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Consultation on Asset Policies Has Now Closed

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The 6 January - 28 February quarterly consultation round has now closed!

This consultation round we are saught your feedback on the Asset Policy Suite.

To ensure that Program Policies and Procedures continue to meet the needs of co-ops and the Program, the Policy Consultation Cycles will now be used to review categories of Program Policies and Procedures.

This round we saught your feedback on:

We strongly value and need feedback from co-ops. While the views and feedback of individual co-op members are also valued, the Consultation seeks co-op approved feedback as a priority.

This consultation closed on Friday 28 February 2020. Collated feedback will now be provided to the Policy Advisory Committee (PAC) for its consideration.


The Program now has an opportunity for co-ops to provide feedback outside of the Quarterly Consultation Cycle. A page has been set up called Program Feedback – Open!

This page collects feedback to be used in reviews and allows co-ops and their members to submit feedback to CEHL when it is relevant for the co-op.

Member input is important

Given the significance of Program development to decision-making within the Program, it is vital that the views and opinions of co-ops are reflected in its development. As part of the quarterly consultation cycle, co-ops are given six weeks to consider and provide feedback on the draft policies via the online survey.

Important message: we acknowledge that the Relocation Assistance Guide was not identified at the March Regional Forums as being part of this policy consultation round. The Program policies and procedures identified were:

  • Security of Tenure Program Policy: This has been delayed to give the Program more time to consider this important policy.
  • Privacy Procedure: The Program is seeking expert legal advice in order to give co-ops the best possible procedure.
  • Exemptions Procedure: This subject will be coming out as a Best Practice Guide to provide co-ops with information on how to apply for an exemption.

These items are still identified as being in need of development.

    About Program Policy

    Program Policy clearly outlines the rules that all co-ops must abide by as members of the Program. Program Policy reflects the regulatory environment in which the Program operates and, together with the Program Principles, provides the framework for all decision-making within the Program.

    For further information on Program Policy please see the Program Policy FAQ.

    The Policy Advisory Committee (PAC) is responsible for recommending Program Policy to the CEHL Board for its approval. More information on PAC can be found later on this page.

    As they are approved, Program Policies will continue to update and replace what is contained in the Program Directives or other Program Documents. Each Co-op is responsible for implementing program policy and has the autonomy to determine their own implementation process. PAC will develop Procedures and Best Practice Advice which Co-ops may wish to use to support the implementation of Program Policy