Project Overview

Upgrading homes across Victoria

Project outline

A quarter of all properties in the Program (528 homes) will be upgraded, with works in every region over the next eighteen months.

Works approved under the government stimulus are additional to CEHL's planned Third Schedule works and are fully funded, with no contribution from co-ops. Normal co-op contributions will apply to all planned Third Schedule works.

CEHL and Co-ops working together to achieve this goal

We will work closely with each co-op to finalise works and support ongoing and future maintenance planning. See the Process outline for more detail about how works will be managed.

Progress in each region will be regularly updated on this page.

The works will...

    improve home energy efficiency and comfort
    reduce impact of climate change on properties
    reduce maintenance liability

    Type of works ...

    • heater and hot water service replacements, with a minimum of 3-star rated appliances
    • kitchen upgrades, including energy efficient appliance upgrades
    • bathroom upgrades
    • external and internal painting & repairs
    • underpinning and structural works
    • insulation and draught proofing

    Read the Stimulus Works - Project Overview for more details

    Contact details ...

    For all property + works 1800 353 669 or email