Project Overview

Co-ops are invited to submit ideas on how to improve the member selection and referral process.

While aligning our referral systems to the Victorian Housing Register, CEHL is addressing the challenges already identified regarding our referral and member selection process.

Co-ops have already expressed a need for improvement to:

  • find applicants genuinely interested in being a member of a co-op
  • helping applicants gain appropriate skills and knowledge, to be 'co-op ready'
  • simplify the paperwork required of co-ops
  • fill vacancies more quickly

Your ideas on how co-ops and CEHL can improve member selection and the referral process are key to success of these systems.

Co-ops are invited to share their ideas by:

  • Participating in discussions at the Member Selection Training in each region
  • Express interest to join focus group discussions by phone, online or at CEHL's Richmond office
  • Add your ideas to the discussion page, click on the Discussion tab above

All ideas received will be added to the Referral Process Ideas document, (see document library) and a summary published in Co-operatively Speaking, CEHL's quarterly newsletter.