Project Overview

The CEHL Co-operative Housing Program is committed to continual improvement of our Program and the policies that govern it. Review and evaluation of Program Policy and Program decisions is an opportunity for co-ops to influence the Program Framework and provide information to CEHL on the lived experiences of these policies and decisions. Co-op feedback forms a significant part of the continual improvement that CEHL is committed to. This Program Feedback page has been created to enable co-ops and members to provide feedback about their experience working with program documents at any time.

This page allows any co-op or co-op member to provide CEHL with their feedback on any Policy, Procedure or Program Document. This feedback will be collated and used when the relevant policies are reviewed, and will also allow CEHL to prioritise work based on the feedback received. Moving forward the Policy Consultation Cycles will be used to review groups of Program Policy and Procedure. This page collects feedback to be used in these reviews and allows co-ops and their members to submit feedback to CEHL when it is relevant for the co-op, allowing them to provide immediate feedback on an issue rather than waiting for a review cycle.

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