About the Event

To help facilitate a Program-wide discussion on the adequacy and equity of our rent model, an advisory group made up of co-op members was established.

The objectives of the Rent Model Advisory Group (RMAG) are to:

  • ensure that the review of CEHL’s rent model includes appropriate, accessible and timely opportunities for Program participants to input and provide feedback into the review process
  • make a recommendation of a revised rent model to the CEHL Board that reflects feedback from Program participants and aligns with the Program Principles and items that the CEHL Board have determined as non-negotiable

The members of RMAG are:

  • Bruce Fraser, Rainbow 8 CERC
  • Julie Gilchrist, Solar City CERC
  • T. Raveendiran (Ravi), Tamil CERC
  • Alice Rink, Castle CERC
  • Lila Talarico, Diamond Valley CMC
  • Matthew Walker, Earth CERC

RMAG is led by an independent chairperson, Ben Neill, and supported by an independent technical expert.

To ensure that member co-ops are able to contribute to the rent model review, a series of engagement activities are planned for 2018.