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How Many People In Your Household?

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How Many Couples In Your Household?

This information is used to determine the number of bedrooms you are eligible for, see Eligibility for more details.


Household income and financial assets

What is your weekly gross income? * To be eligible your income and assets must be within the CEHL Eligibility Guidelines for your household size.

What is the total value of your financial assets? * include: money in bank accounts, shares, value of a mobile home, your business if you own one. See Rent Policy Manual for more information

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See Property locations for a complete list of areas, including suburbs/towns where CEHL co-op houses are located.

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Active membership and privacy acknowledgements

Participation is an important requirement of all co-op members. If eligible to join a co-op I am able to commit to: *

I acknowledge that CEHL will share my details with CEHL co-operatives and other rental housing co-operatives in accordance with the CEHL Privacy Statement Policy. *


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Find out more about the APPLICATION PROCESS
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