We know that the Co-op Housing Program is central to our vision of

  • Empowered People
  • Strong Communities and
  • Better Housing Solutions

The Program is an inspiring, positive, and empowering thing to be part of and involved in. It's important that we have a shared understanding of what the Program is.

One way to describe Program is through these four fundamental aspects:

  1. the foundations of the program built over the past 30 years
  2. the environment the Program operates within
  3. the roles that Co-ops and Common Equity have, and
  4. our partnership roles together.

So we have developed a visual tool which brings together the important parts of the Program for a Co-op Led Program to help us develop a common way to talk about it.


Today's Program is built on strong foundations including:

  • Thriving co-op communities
  • A great diversity of members who share their time, passion, skills and experience, and support each other
  • Member knowledge and experience
  • A property portfolio that has provided a place to put down roots, and the stability and security to have a greater quality of life

It is our responsibility to build on these strong foundations and to ensure that all Program resources are used for the benefit of members now and into the future.

Operating environment

All aspects of the Program must operate within the external environment, Program Principles, and Program Framework. While they create the boundaries for the Program, there are enormous opportunities for the Program to change and growth within them as well.

We have over $800 million of equity that was made possible through subsidies Government provided. In return we have significant obligations to ensure we look after this equity, alongside ensuring we are compliant with legislation and regulations.


Co-ops and CEHL have different Program roles.

CO-OP Roles

  • Building thriving communities and empowering members
  • Selecting and welcoming new members
  • Governance and development of their co-op
  • Planning for the future needs of their co-op

As long as it’s within the Program Principles and Framework, co-ops can choose how they wish to undertake each of these in a way that is unique and reflects the strengths and wishes of members.

CEHL Roles

CEHL’s primary role is as an enabler of the Program. CEHL supports co-ops with tools and guidance to meet their requirements and engages, reports and advocates on behalf of co-ops.

The CEHL Board is ultimately responsible and accountable for key Program decisions informed by co-op views.


The collective effort of co-ops in partnership and together with CEHL delivers the Program. The Program changes over time and Co-ops have the right and the opportunity to influence and shape its direction.

Our partnership roles include enabling co-ops, setting Program direction, custodians of the Program, and advocating to Government.