Metro North

CERC Model - Environmental

House type

  • 1 bed 6
  • 2 beds 7
  • 3 beds 5
  • 4 beds 2
  • 5 beds 0

Area and main suburbs: Heidelberg Heights, Banyule Municipality, Northern suburbs

Number of members:

Around 45 people housed aged between 2 years old and 75 years young.

In 1986 the founding members formed Earth co-operative, a CERC original, to provide a tenant member-controlled secure affordable housing.

Our member values are set around individual responsibility and social/community interaction & reciprocity. From its beginning Earth co-op set social justice and sustainable environmental development into its objectives. From an existing base of eleven free-standing houses to a current co-located apartment setting of 18 homes and 2 free standing houses, Earth has been reinvigorated in 2011 into a co-located, outward-looking, values-based,co-operative-living community. Visit ​www.murundakacohousing.org.au​ and Murundaka Cohousing Community www.facebook.com/Murundaka

This cohousing model does require more active participation (average 8 to 10 hours per week) but it offers its members a more meaningful, affordable and connected life. Murundaka community members are involved; as CERC directors or associate directors, working on committees, one off projects,doing gardening or weekly common meals and having fun working with each other. All these group sustaining activities combine to build the resilience and viability of this rich ‘village’ life-in-community.

To learn more, attend events, or to discuss your interest in our co-op and how to gain a pre-application education contact Earth CERC directly via ​info@murundakacohousing.org.au​