A key objective of the Co-op Program Committee (CPC) is to consider how best to enable member voice and engage with co-ops to embed a sustainable program framework.

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Have your say on member views for Managing Director induction

As part of the recruitment process for CEHL's new Managing Director, the CEHL Board requested the Co-op Program Committee (CPC) to provide member insights into the Program.

CPC reflected on the experiences of their own co-ops, previous engagement work and CEHL’s strategic priorities. They drafted statements they believe reflect member’s views on three themes:

  • The Future
  • Communication + Engagement
  • Membership

This was used to brief Managing Director candidates and will contribute to the induction process after seeking member feedback to ensure they reflect members’ views.

Member views

CPC have created a survey to seek member feedback on the draft statements to ensure they reflect members’ view.

Feedback will be collated and presented as a valuable part of the Managing Director’s induction process. This will help them gain a deeper understanding of your priorities and perspectives early in their journey with CEHL.

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  2. Rate how much you agree or disagree with each statement and provide any additional insight you think might benefit the new Managing Director
  3. Survey closes 25 October

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      CPC process to enable member input to the Managing Director induction