Asset Inspections

A CEHL Property Officer completes an asset inspection on all properties once every three years. The information gathered at the inspection is shared with your co-op and assists planning for cyclical replacement of items such as carpets, appliances, re-painting, etc.

CEHL Responsibility

CEHL is responsible, under the Third Schedule (a section of the Co-op, CEHL Agreement CCA), for large-scale maintenance items such as:

  • re-stumping
  • roof replacement
  • kitchen and bathroom upgrades etc.

Future Direction Plans

A co-op’s Future Directions Plan identifies an agreed Asset Intent for each property. This information assists both the co-op and CEHL to manage each property, to meet your co-op’s current and future needs. The Asset Intent may include:

  • scheduling Third Schedule works
  • undertaking cyclical maintenance
  • handing back a property
  • allocating new properties to your co-op

Co-op Maintenance Responsibilities

Co-op Model Maintenance Responsibility
  • planning for the needs of the co-op
  • property repairs
  • conducting routine inspections to monitor the condition of each property
  • Repairs and routine inspections are undertaken and coordinated by CEHL Housing Services Team. Each tenant has an assigned Housing Officer.

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