Project Overview

Project Description

The CEHL Board have accepted the recommendation of the Rent Model Advisory Group to establish a new Advisory group to review the existing company rent model and current rental affordability benchmark.

Changing circumstances and funding arrangements require us to tackle some challenging Program questions in relation to our company rent model and setting the Program’s rental affordability benchmark. It’s important that Program participants are able to participate in this process in an accessible and fully informed way.

To help facilitate a Program discussion on the adequacy and equity of our company rent model and rental affordability benchmark, The CEHL Board has requested an advisory group made up of Program participants be established.

The objectives of the Company Rent and Affordability Benchmark (CRABAG) are to:

  • ensure that the review of CEHL’s company rent model and affordability benchmark includes appropriate, accessible and timely opportunities for Program participants to input and provide feedback into the review process
  • make a recommendation of a revised company rent model and an affordability benchmark to the CEHL Board that reflects feedback from Program participants and aligns with the Program Principles and Board requirements.